Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Since I have been lucky enough to join the 9th & Bloom Art Crew (WoooHoooo!!!) I no longer take part in the challenges there as much.. ps if you haven't checked them out already you must do so here, I'm hosting one this month :) .. SO I decided to go to my other digihome, The Lily Pad, and start pounding away on their challenges. Again they are so much fun and can be found here.

I was able to complete all 7 of the challenges last month and intend on doing the same thing this month. I just knew you guys would want to follow along with me right?!  So I will share the first challenge I completed for July.  I started off with the Scraplift Challenge.  This month we were challenged to lift a layout created by the wonderful JenJ who by the way has the most amazing gallery ever! It was so hard to pick just one layout I wanted to lift.. but I did finally decide on this one..

Linked for full credits
Here's what I was able to come up with

Credits: Staycation by Kate Hadfield
Freebie Frames by Kate Hadfield
Salute The Flag [papers] by Tracey Monette
Old Ledgers by Lauren Reid
The Stars At Night by Heather Hess
Bowl Baby Bowl by JenJ
It was such a fun challenge to join in with and I hope that I've encouraged you to do the same! Thanks for stopping by and have a great Wednesday!


  1. I posted sorta similar today. I wish 9th had more challenges actually but I am hanging at SSD doing their challenges now lol

  2. and and btw I love your lift, and that Popsicle ellie is so darn cute!

  3. I used to do the ones at SSD also. They have some really good ones. I like that similar to 9th; TLP only has a couple challenges a month. I'm OCD about it and don't start something I can't fully finish lol