Friday, November 4, 2011

Back in time for iDSD!

Seriously I could not of planned my return to the scrapping world any better if I had tried (which if you know me.. you know I didn’t). I honestly had NO clue that iDSD started this weekend but let me tell you I freaked when I found out!

I was graciously accepted back into the scrapping life at The Lily Pad where so many fun, amazing things are happening this weekend! You will for sure want to stop by and check it all out. I was also taken back by a few of my awesome designers *cough Kate and Heather I’m looking at you cough* who have brought nothing less then fabulous to the show this week.

I mean look at these actions from Heather Hess!

and these awesome doodles from Kate Hadfield!!


Of course I had to put the two together (with other amazing stuff from the new BYOC that came out today) to make this page..


Walking in the Woods by Kate Hadfield / Forever Autumn Paper Pack by Allison Pennington / Hometown [ellies] by Lauren Reid /  Sunshine sticker freebie Alpha by Sahlin Studio / The Fall Mix [The Falling Leaves] by Heather Hess / The Fanny Pack: Second release [The Future Freaks Me out] by Heather Hess


Thanks for looking! Hope you all have an amazing weekend and iDSD! May there be many sales and prizes in your future!


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